Some of my August favourite things....

So here are some of my favourite things over the past few weeks that I would love to share with you, as think of this as my favourite things, just without the sing-a-long. 

Cadbury Lamington Chocolate

This particular chocolate bar has raspberry jam bits, vanilla cake flavoured pieces and coconut and was brought out as part of a partnership between Cadbury and the Australian Olympic Team to celebrate the Rio 2016 Olympics. Now that the Olympics is over, these will be on clearance at your local Woolworths supermarket, so get in quick and stock up ! Hopefully, they will come back but I think like all good things, they will either come to an end. 

 Snap these up while you can ! 

Snap these up while you can ! 


Youtube - "On Wings" 

To quote one of I think any youtube creator hero's Casey Neistat “Gear doesn’t matter.  Only the story matters.” 

 And this is so true today, having the world's best camera isn't going to get you views, it's all about that story that you are trying to tell to engage an audience. 

There is one YouTuber who I can't get enough off in the last few weeks who emulate this, one who I have mentioned before on the humans' of twitter podcast is Benjamin who has a youtube vlog channel "On Wings" about his life as a flight attendant I love the way he presents his vlog and the simplicity of telling a good story. His videos are simply shot and editing using youtube editing app, you can't get any more simple that this. 

I encourage you to check out his channel, might become your new favourite must watch in your subscription feed.

Podcasts - Human of Twitter

Now full disclosure here, the podcast that I am recommending there is actually one I have been on, so episode 121 is the one you should check out first. 

The podcast I can't get enough of is Humans of Twitter which is a quick 30 minutes to hourly little catch up to " discover the stories behind the people behind the Twitter accounts. People that are interesting, opinionated and surprising." 

I am learning so much about people I didn't know and following a few more on my Twitter list. If you love a good story... this might be one that you would like to check out. 

Some names besides myself who have been on this are....

·         Adam Richards

·         Julia Zemiro

·         David Anthony

·         Nick Earls

Please let me know if you actually check these out and let me know your thoughts on the social media.  Links are below.