Tips for Plane Traveling

This year I was lucky enough to save and have the work leave to travel around the world... I actually look it up how far I did travel this year in kilometres and it ended up being.. WELL I am still adding it all up.

So yeah, I have parked by butt in a plane seat or too for a few hours...

So here are some words of wisdom that I can offer to you my fellow travelling leading up to the holiday season....



Hopefully, you are lucky enough to be able to take some bottled water onto your flight. I know some places seem to be a bit snarky when it comes to having over 100ml of liquid even after you have passed through security but try or take an empty bottle.

The more you drink, the more hydrated that you will be and the more you need to get up and pee which helps the old legs getting some blood flow back into them. I try for at least a litre of water... to me, it does make me feel so much better.


As my height is 5'10, I am tall, so for any flight that I was taking that was more than 5 hours (so all of them) I pre-booked my seats. Sadly I can't afford the more pointy end of the plane so I do have to fly in the economy with the little people down the back.

But still, in the little people section, you can pre-book exit rows or early boarding so you can get your perfect seat. For me, it was the window as I like to look out to see the world and also use it for something to lean on if I try and catch some zzz.

 Also, the bonus of the exit row is that when you need to pee, you don't have to bother your fellow passages as THERE IS ROOM TO MOVE !

The most I paid was on Swiss Airways which ended up being about $35AUD but totally worth it not having a 12-year-old put their chair back on my legs.

Unsure which seat to pick, check out


For this 60 days long trip I really only took the basics onboard, everything else was in my luggage. Don't be a hero... just check it in and most likely your luggage is included within your fair or for a few more dollars extra you can take a 15 kg bag. 

Onboard the plane, I used the Drifter 15" Laptop bag by STM Bags, which was AWESOME and I can't highly recommend more.

It had dedicated padded slots for my Mac Book, Ipad Iphone, all my stuff so I knew where everything was and it was really easy to get it back into my bag when I passed through security checks and border controls.

Also on another note... you use a tray to go through the x-ray...if you ever wanted to see the state of humanity, this is it. 


Other things which I had with me were,

  • Face Moisturiser
  • Lip Balm
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste (even if it was a day flight... makes you feel clean)
  • small makeup kit which was all those samples you get during the year
  • spare headphones
  • Plug that converts your headphones into those sockets they have in planes, so you can use your own.

Hopefully, these little tips will help you become a happy traveller... LOZ oxoxo