November Favourite Things

So it’s been three months, Time to channel that inner Oprah and release another of my favourite things for the past few months. 

Swamp Queen Palette - created with YouTube personality @grav3yardgirl and Tarte cosmetics

Being one of the millions of subscribers of Bunny – yes I am proud to sayI am a swamp family member and I am sure I have given a gator its wings. But when she came out with her palette, I knew I had to have it!

 Swamp Queen Palette

Swamp Queen Palette


Being a limited edition product and living the ass end of the world, Australia… we get nothing !and not going to the states for a few months – I needed to ensure I get one before they sell out. So shout out to my lovely best friend Michele (Thanks, Michele) managed to collect me one of these palette when they first came out. 

So why do I love this? 

The colours in this palette just match me so well and looking online it seems to work for a lot of faces, you can dress it up to be more dramatic or simple for a work setting like I do on a daily bases. 

The colour payoff is awesome, and it seems to stay more when compared to some higher end brands. Now these days you can get your own if you haven’t as they are coming back… just in time for Christmas. 

I highly recommend that you do! Because not only you’re getting a great product but you are supporting a fellow you tuber, and that’s great for #teaminternet. 

Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick in Bawse created by Lilly Singh, Big Spender and Let’s Dance.

I have been watching Lilly a.k.A Superwomen daily vlogs for a few months now and being a fan of a good red lipstick, WHAT SHE IS WEARING… was becoming a bit of regular question for me. But all was revealed when she launched her lipstick with Smashbox. 

In that never ending mission to get a lipstick to last more than 3 hours of normal wear and being a red, trying to get that to stay in place and not end up looking like the joker is a mission. This does it!

I was very sceptical, but this stuff is FANASTIC, it holds up well to my morning coffee and doesn’t seem to get everywhere, it seems to have a smoother feel than the Kat Vo D lip paint range and last a bit longer. Price wise I found its actually a few dollars cheaper too. 

I would say you do need to allow it to dry to get the maximum results, so I just put it on before I leave the house with no lip liner (such a rebel) and allow it to set on the drive to work. 20 minutes and that baby is still there at lunch time. 

I even liked this stuff so much I got two other shades in Big Spender and Let’s Dance.  Now.. if only these would come to Australia. Come on Smashbox and share this with the world. 

Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick in Big Spender, Bawse and Let’s Dance.

If you aren’t a fan of big colours, I say be bold! WEAR RED AT LEAST ONCE… be empowered and give it a try. It might become your new favourite. 

Making Oprah – WBEZ’S Podcast

I am one of those people who like to listen to podcasts when I go for a walk; it allows my brain to just tune out,  as looking at the same thing everyday around my neighound kind of get’s dull. Also, I like to be able to listen to things around me like cars, saftey first people. 

It’s a 3 part podcast on the creation of the Oprah Winfrey show, which not only talks to Oprah but all the producers, the real hard workers behind the sences and gives a real insight on what it took to create a day time talk show. Also, they do go into detail about that amazing show which has become a moment in history… “YOU GET A CAR”. 

So that's it for now, please let me know if one of these also your favourite things for November.

Lots of Love